Our Motto and Logo

School Motto

The school motto ‘ALL FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD’ refers to the willingness to use all human knowledge and achievements in the service of God and people.



School Badge

The School badge has an Azure and White background. Blue is a colour that expresses peace, harmony and serenity. The education imparted at St. Mary’s aims at making the life of the student in perfect harmony with all experience. It is an inner peace that springs from a well ordered life, a life in peace and harmony with the Divine Will. The Blessed Virgin Mary, under whose patronage the school is placed, possessed this inner peace and harmony in her life because her life was a beautiful harmony with God’s Divine Plan for her.  Hence the Badge with Her monogram in gold against a white background, symbolizes Mary’s perfect commitment and total consecration to God. The Golden Crown signifies a victorious life, the aftermath of a life of intense pain and suffering, but one that blossomed into the glorious victory of Her Risen Son Jesus.