As the maxim goes, “Once a Marian always a Marian” .

We are sure that though it would have been quite some time since you would have ‘officially’ left St. Mary’s High School (S.S.C.), you, would still have a place in your heart and mind for the school.

Remember the days and years that you have spent in the vast
open playground with your friends , the benches on which you have sat (and in which most of us will no longer fit), the prank that you had played and of course the great teachers and masters thanks to whom we are what we are today.

The Alumni association is a great place to relive those days. the Association aims at reliving those memories – no matter if it is just for a short time in your busy schedule.

We have regular Dinners and get togethers where you can come back to the school , meet the guys you were sharing your bench with, harass the poor teachers and masters (maybe you missed the chance while at school 😉 ) and above all just be back as a Marian!. The association is also striving to have a number of events which would bring us closer to the ongoing school activities and also bring us together more often.

—In addition some of our long term goals are:-

1} Assist needy ex students in time their difficult times.
2} Offer career guidance to students of the school
3} Assist students and ex students in Securing jobs by having a small Job Bank’ and database of CVs.
4} Assist the school in some of its projects as the need arises.
For all this we need your support. Please become a member of the Alumni Association. You can down load the membership form from here , fill it and send it alongwith a cheque of Rs.500/- only . This will entitle you to become a LIFE MEMBER of the association.

We are sure you will definitely sign up for the membership and await to receive your form alongwith payment.

St. Mary’s Alumni Association

Get on the roll of Honour !!
– By Colin Sir

Contacts: School Office, Schooldays 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 3:30pm
Tel: +91 (22)2378 1692
Teachers in charge: Principal: Fr. Jude Fernandes
—————————– Mr John D’Souza

Contact us
St. Mary’s School (SSC)
Sardar Balwant Singh Dhody Marg,
Mazagaon Mumbai – 400010
Tel: + 91 22 2378 1692
Timings: 9:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Only