EuMInd (Europe Meets India) Club worked on Project Values in the academic year 2017-18. 25 students from std 8 and 9 got into 5 groups and worked on different projects on a topic each under the guidance of Tr Mehjabeen and Tr Poonam. Each student played a unique role in his group.

The students did the following-

  • They made their Self-Introduction Videos
  • They took interviews of people based on their topics. They recorded their interview responses on word.
  • They communicated with students of the Pontes Lyceum via WhatsApp under teacher supervision. Students compared the responses of their Dutch students with the Indians and tabulated their findings.
  • They wrote down their reflections and conclusions based on the topic of their study.
  • The leaders filled in the online questionnaire giving a feedback of their experience and to indicate the completion of their project.
  • All of the above has been recorded and uploaded on the school weebly. The link is given below.


The main weebly website link below showcases all the Indian and Dutch Schools who contributed to the Values 20 Project –

Our school weebly link where one can find the entire project of all our students is-

 The project will now be scrutinised by an International Jury. Results of the project will be declared be June