On Saturday, 4th March 2017, 112 students of standard 7 trekked to the Lohagad fort (1000+ ft above sea level) near Lonavala. They were accompanied by their History teachers- Tr Mehjabeen, Tr Gulnaz, Tr Carrie Ann and 10 professional trekkers from the Eighty Degree Adventure Sports team. The students learnt about the history of the fort by observation, through games like quiz, ¬†and first hand experience. The students had an amazing time as is evident from the photos (link attached below). Students were heard saying, “We should have a trek every month” and “Once more!”. It was wonderful to see them sharing their snacks and lunch and filling water bottles from the cool, pure, natural underground water. The monkeys and the loyal dog who followed throughout the journey added to the amusement of the young trekkers. It was indeed a positive learning experience!