For your easy reference, the details of the program are highlighted as under:


Classes to  participate All students from 4th to 9th Grade
Number of classes 1 lecture / week for each Grade
(50-60 mins per lecture)
Fees Rs. 3000/- per Student for one year programme if total number of students participating is at least 300
Cost per lecture = Rs. 75/- (Rs. 3000 / 40 lectures)
Teacher Will be provided by Android Robo to handle the classes scheduled
Robotic Kits Will be the property of Android Robo and will be provided during the training lectures and each to be shared between 3-4 students
Course Materials All the course materials in the form of books and workbooks will be provided by Android Robo
Review Periodical review will be done by the teacher using Worksheets at least once in two months.
Certificates Level completion certificate will be provided at the end of the academic year to all the students
Needed support from School Tables, Chairs, Projector with screen, 3 computers, Space to keep the Robotic Kits and other material
Syllabus Grade wise syllabus
Outcome of the Program By undergoing our Robotic Education, student can learn to
     *Build a Robot
     *Program a Robot
     *Innovate a Robot or an instrument
     *Can understand and analyze the electronic       environment
     *Think differently and creatively