About Us

St. Mary’s School, founded in 1864, from inception has been a boys’ school.  It is run by the Fathers and Brothers of the Society of Jesus, a Catholic Religious Order founded in Europe in 1540.

From the earliest days, the Society of Jesus or the Jesuits as they are known have been involved in the education and formation of youth all over the world. Jesuit education draws its inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  More particularly, it is based on the ideas of St. Ignatius of Loyola, which give education it’s distinctively Jesuit stamp.

St Mary’s High School S.S.C., like Jesuit Schools all over the world, has been inspired by the 32nd and 33rd General Congregations of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits in Mumbai have laid down the following goals for their apostolate in schools:-

  • We are to live and communicate our faith, vision and gospel values.
  • We are to make our students aware of unjust social structures and motivate them to work for a more just society.
  • We are to work preferably, though not exclusively, for the poor, as the Gospel message is for all.
  • We are to foster the integral development of our students and help them become responsible students imbued with a true national spirit.
  • In the achievement of these ideals special efforts are made to teach students:
    • To be unselfish in the service of their fellowmen and to become agents of the much needed social change in their country.
    • To be clear and firm on principles, and courageous in action.
    • To understand and value freedom and to learn to use it responsibly.
    • To become mature, spiritually oriented men of character.
    • To strive after an excellence that is both academic and human.

The Jesuit school thus aims at making a contribution towards the radical transformation of Indian Society.

Excellence is the hallmark of a Jesuit school, but excellence is measured by each student striving to develop all his potentialities to the full – body, mind and heart – and never being satisfied with his level of growth but always striving to grow and develop in every way.

In the development of the intellect, accent is placed on learning to think, to judge, to critically evaluate and to form one’s own convictions.

In the development of   the heart, it is hoped that students will develop a capacity to feel for others, to be sensitive to their needs, to be able to appreciate and enjoy all that is true, good and noble.

St. Mary’s hopes that when a boy finishes his studies he will be a man of personal conviction, be large-hearted and generous with others, treat others with courtesy and respect, not be enslaved by the materialism of the world, be loyal to his parents, school, friends and country, proud of his country’s rich cultural heritage, foster goodwill and harmony, treat public property as his own, have a fine sense of personal self-esteem, be sporting and self-controlled, clean and neat in appearance – in a word, embody the perfect gentleman.