School Anthem

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From oe’r the waves and far away,
From hills and plains with voices gay,
They sing the school they love so well,
within whose walls they long to dwell,
And live the days of yore again,
They long alas, but long in vain.

Come boys lets sing the school we love,
Our chorus rends the skies above,
And let the mountains and the hills,
Proclaim the love that young heart thrills
St. Mary’s boys, St. Mary’s boys,
Hurrah, we are, St. Mary’s boys.

Our lives are bright and free of care,
The burden’s light that we must bear,
Through tasks that should our ire provoke,
Through sun and rain and mist and smoke,
St. Mary’s boys will smile and sing,
Till with their songs echoes ring.


St. Mary’s boys cling to their God,
Through Life’s long day for Him they plod,
To God and country ever true,
In peace and war their valour show,
Where’er the cause of duty lies,
They prove themselves St. Mary’s boys.