While scouting teaches us different ways of survival, it most importantly teaches us self-sustenance.

  On Sunday at 41st East Bombay Scouts Group in St. Mary’s High School, one such session for building a shelter was undertaken by the scout masters and the rovers.

Tents were removed from the 41st attic, laid across the school ground, pitched and cleaned by the scouts. The school scouts’ troop has been able to preserve one of the oldest tents which is about 15 years old, a red canvas, held with four poles and nails pegged deep in the ground. The students also got to pitch and experience the tents brought from the Kashmir camp which has a capacity to accommodate 12 people.

  The scouts were instructed and guided at each and every step to pitch different types of tents, namely- Dome Tents, Canvas tents, Tunnel Tents, etc. Each having a different built and a different method of pitching. Every scout was given an opportunity to have a hands-on experience to pitch the tents and were taught the uses, the sciences and the feeling of staying inside it.

  The tents were then wrapped up to be used at the annual scout’s camp in Badlapur.

Faraz Haindaday

Ex- Marian 2014

Scouts Rover